Why you’ll love Zoola

It’s Free. It’s free to join, free to sign up and free to use.

Cash back. Earn 2%-10% cash back on everyday offers and 10%-35% cash back on promotional offers.

No new cards. It works with your existing Visa® or MasterCard® credit or debit cards.

Safe and secure. Our web servers are protected by GoDaddy and we use encryption software to protect all of your information and keep your card numbers safe.

Top 5 FAQs

Zoola wants to make your life easier and your wallet happier.

Zoola rewards you with a smart, simple way to earn cash back on your everyday purchases. Plus you can earn cash back on top of the other points, miles or rewards you already accumulate. It's easy to get started. Fill in a few details and we'll set up your account.

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